Welcome to our website for this podcast – A Dose of Common Sense. Jim & Kelly are your hosts. Your hosts are going to offer hints on how to progress through this world and Enjoy The Journey. Your Journey. The hope is you will understand certain things remain the same over the generations of man/woman kind. A few of the things that should be constant in order to survive on this planet are as follows:

MANNERS – Understanding that all humans should be kind and think of others – as a small part of a huge list of ideas.

ETIQUETTE – The right thinking process of being a human and treating other humans.

RESPECT – Understand that your respect of others and how they think is just as important as the way you think.

Each podcast will explore different ideas about one of these topics. We would like for you to just think about these helpful hints. If you take away ONE idea on how to treat your follow human kind, our job is complete.

Our reference book for most of these hints will be from the Emily Post bible of being good humans.

Mostly – we want you to ENJOY THE JOURNEY. We are on this floating rock for only a short time. Don’t worry and most of all – BE HAPPY.

Jim & Kelly