About Your Hosts

Your hosts are Kelly & Jim

Kelly has been most importantly a mother of two who are now very productive and respectful adults, owner of an advertising firm, co-owner of a major chain of retail outlets and now currently working for a conservatory theater company as advertising and group sales manager.

Jim worked as a supervising manager of an accounting firm specializing in automotive dealerships, Chief Financial Officer of a large chain of new car dealerships, CFO/Partner in a video distribution company specializing in action sports, co-owner of a major chain of retail outlets and currently working as a business manager at a nationally ranked university.

Both hosts are using the bible of Ethics, Manners, Etiquette and just a simple understanding of common sense – Emily Post. You’ll find the conversations between them are crazy – yet informative. Stupid but finally gets to the real point. And mostly – helpful in understanding the different views of everyday life.

We are all here on a journey. This journey is short, yet every day seems to make that journey even longer. Humans have to be good to each other. We are here to learn, help and pro-create which means we have to at some point learn to love. That is why our tagline is ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

Let us know how we are doing. Tell us you believe in the things we say or how stupid we are. We want to know what subjects you want to discuss with some helpful hints. And mostly, just spend a second to let us know you appreciate the effort.

Let’s join together with mutual RESPECT, HONOR AND LOVE so we can….


Kelly & Jim