Common Sense – VIDEO PODCAST

View our YouTube channel – COMMON SENSE – for the latest podcast on Manners, Etiquette and just being good homo-sapiens. Enjoy the journey

Jim & Kelly

EPISODE 1 – Cell Phone Etiquette – Common Sense

Kelly and Jim discuss the proper etiquette and manners when you are in the smartphone and cell phone world.

EPISODE 2 – Restroom Etiquette – Common Sense

Newest VLOG is up and you can see Kelly & Jim discuss Emily Post’s views on how to behave in a restroom.

Cpmmon Sense – EP 3 – Thank You Notes

A podcast that discusses the thank you note etiquette after receiving certain gifts or interviews.

Common Sense – EP 4 – RSVP and the proper way to respond

Kelly and Jim discuss the proper process to respond to RSVP’s for a celebration, gathering or office event.

Common Sense Special – COVID-19 Family Ideas.

Kelly and Jim discuss ideas for Shelter In Place families to pass the time and provide personal DIY areas for the whole family.

COMMON SENSE – SPECIAL – COVID-19 – EP #2 – Ideas for the Long Haul.

Kelly & Jim discuss different ways to make your day go faster, stretch your food dollars and helping your Neighbor. Enjoy the Journey and Be Good Humans.

COMMON SENSE – SPECIAL – COVID-19 – EP #3 – Taking on the House

Kelly and Jim Discuss Social Distancing, Working and Cleaning the House and USING Common Sense when we are in this together. Really – 5 over 100 MPH Speeding tickets in 3 days? Enjoy the Journey and Be good Humans.